Product Directory

  • 3rd Party Ground Handling Check-in

    3rd Party Ground Handling Check-in gives airlines the ability to ground handle another airline using their system to perform airport functions such as check-in, gates and boarding.

  • 3rd Party Ground Handling E-ticketing

    3rd Party Ground Handling E-Ticketing supports electronic-ticket handling when check-in is performed by a third-party departure control system (DCS).

  • Agency Booking Integrity

    The Agency Booking Integrity Micro-App sets up business rules to check non-direct channel reservations. It also identifies missing or improperly formatted data. It then takes action on those reservations.

  • Agency Manager

    Agency Manager is a back-office credit and commission management solution for airlines that offers direct distribution capabilities to agencies in their host partition.

  • Air

    Sabre offers unparalleled access to content from over 400 airlines.

  • Air Availability and Schedules

    Air Availability and Schedules provides travel agencies access to flight details for more than 400 airlines.

  • AirCrews

    AirCrews helps plan and monitor crew rosters to ensure the required crew is available and present to operate scheduled flights.

  • Airline Merchandising

    Your ticket to increased personalized air travel.

  • Airport Brand Integrity

    The Airport Brand Integrity Micro-App notifies partner airlines and third-party ground handlers about relevant branded-fare inclusions and prepaid ancillaries at check-in so they can provide passengers with a more seamless journey.

  • Airport Check-in

    Airport Check-in provides fast, reliable and comprehensive check-in options that expedite and enhance the passenger’s experience while streamlining the operational efficiency of airline airport agents.

  • Airport Passenger Reaccommodation

    The Airport Passenger Reaccommodation Micro-App uses robust passenger data to minimize the impact to passengers when last-minute operational events occur at the airport.

  • Ancillary Disruption Tracker

    The Ancillary Disruption Tracker Micro-App identifies ancillaries that have become disassociated from reservations so appropriate action can be taken quickly to minimize impact to the passenger journey.

  • Ancillary Fee Checker

    The Ancillary Fee Checker Micro-App helps ensure that when airlines offer free ancillaries to targeted customers, they are delivered seamlessly without additional charge.

  • Ancillary Inventory

    Ancillary Inventory offers the ability to add quota limits on the number of ancillaries or special service requests that can be sold per flight to support operational or business restrictions.

  • Ancillary Services

    Ancillary Services enables the creation and sale of ancillary services to create new revenue streams.

  • Ancillary Time Limit

    The Ancillary Time Limit Micro-App establishes a time limit for each ancillary associated with a reservation and acts on ancillaries that have not been paid for before the time limit expires.

  • API Hub

    API Hub gives airlines the flexibility to power their digital retailing strategy through an extensible API catalog built on a microservices architecture. Software Developer kits (SDKs) provide a unified API experience with consistent access protocol for all APIs, driving more efficient adoption of APIs and seamless integration into an airline’s technology ecosystem – across Sabre and third-party systems.

  • Auto Check-in

    The Auto Check-in Micro-App processes auto check-ins for eligible passengers to enhance the passenger experience and reduce check-in traffic at the airport.

  • Auto Seat Restore

    The Auto Seat Restore Micro-App checks bookings to make sure paid seats remain intact after a schedule change or reassigns the same or similar seat or seating product, if there is an issue.

  • Auto Seating

    The Auto Seating Micro-App automatically detects and assigns seats for passengers without seat assignments after the flight is open for check-in to speed up the check-in process and reduce airport wait times.

  • Automated Exchange and Refunds

    Automated Exchange and Refunds automates an airline’s process for completing domestic and international ticket reissues and exchanges.

  • Automated Exchanges

    Automated Exchanges gives you the highest level of repricing automation to calculate complex fare, tax and penalty information on exchanges.

  • Automated Refunds

    Automated Refunds expedites and simplifies the ticket refund process.

  • Award Accrual Integrity

    The Award Accrual Integrity Micro-App detects revenue bookings where cabin upgrades were purchased with loyalty awards to ensure members’ accounts are updated with miles earned per their original booking class.

  • Bargain Finder Max

    Bargain Finder Max places extensive search capabilities to the most attractive fares, allowing you the opportunity to increase bookings and add customers.

  • Booking and Ticketing Discrepancy Detector

    The Booking and Ticketing Discrepancy Detector Micro-App matches the itinerary in the booking with tickets issued to identify discrepancies so that you can proactively take appropriate action to resolve issues, minimize revenue leakage and enhance the passenger experience.

  • Business Process Agility

    The Business Process Agility Micro-App consolidates data from across an airline and creates notifications for reservations requiring action.

  • Cabin Change Notification

    The Cabin Change Notification Micro-App detects cabin changes and notifies passengers once their seat has been re-assigned to a different cabin due to airline operational changes. Notifications are sent at a time close to the day of departure.

  • Card Services

    Card Services is the preferred merchant application of Sabre Red 360, allowing agencies to become the merchant on credit card transactions.

  • Cargo Revenue Manager

    Cargo Revenue Manager helps forecast airline cargo capacities, set accurate overbooking levels and optimize cargo revenue by allocating the right freight demand to the right capacities.

  • Cars

    Cars is a reservation feature that offers access to comprehensive rental car content.

  • ClientBase®

    ClientBase is the industry’s leading CRM tool, designed specifically for travel agents’ needs.

  • ClientBase® Marketing Services

    For users of ClientBase or ClientBase Online, ClientBase Marketing Services offers the best targeted marketing programs for travel agencies.

  • Codeshare

    Codeshare enables airlines to broaden their networks by placing their airline code on flights operated by partner carriers.

  • Codeshare Manager

    Codeshare Manager enables airlines to manage their partnerships with other airlines to increase their reach and revenue by marketing their code on partners’ operating flights and allowing partners to market them on their operating flights.

  • Commercial Analytics

    Commercial Analytics delivers unique and actionable insights that allow airlines to enhance decision-making and profitability.