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Sabre Profiles

Be the Go-To Travel Experts

As with all people-focused service industries, customer data management is key for travel businesses. Agencies need access to travelers’ data to create the best experience while guaranteeing data security and consistency globally.

Moreover, to position themselves as travel experts, agencies need tools which demonstrate their deep knowledge of travelers, corporations, destinations and the travel ecosystem.

Outstanding Service Begins with Exceptional Customer Insight

Sabre Profiles are centered around an agency’s most valuable asset: their customers. This groundbreaking profile management system makes it convenient to store, share and analyze customer data, allowing travel consultants to deliver a superior level of service.

By tapping into the Sabre Profile robust profiling capabilities, agencies can manage customer information better than ever before to personalize incredible experiences for travelers.

Product features

Superior customer service

Provide better customer service by choosing what information is captured in a traveler’s profile across over 1,800 unique data elements.

Efficient workflows

Work more efficiently with time-saving templates, PNR Builders and profiles within a user-friendly, graphical interface. Search customer information and build reservations automatically via workflows on Sabre Red 360.

Prioritized data security

Protect customer data and control access while complying with all payment card industry standards.

Easy data sharing with partner systems

Share profile data with GDS-agnostic web services for easy integration of profile data with proprietary or 3rd party systems.

If you have additional questions about Sabre Profiles or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.

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