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Travel Management Companies

Navigate the future of business travel.

As we look to the future, every opportunity for both increased revenue and cost savings has to be maximized – at every step of the process. As the world leader in business travel technology, Sabre helps you deliver more value at each stage of the journey by offering the most cost-effective, omni-channel solutions to manage travel programs and increase compliance.

With our comprehensive content and flexible platform, Sabre helps you integrate the right suppliers and technology providers to meet all your customers’ needs for a seamless travel experience. We provide you with leading traveler service products, or help you shape your own, allowing the always-connected business travelers to stay in control of their trip in compliance with their travel programs. And as technology evolves, we will keep you on the cutting edge.

Through our industry-standard Sabre Red 360; our corporate booking tool, GetThere; and extensive list of APIs, your company can use or create the precise booking experience that works for you. We want you to make the most of every booking with our revenue optimization suite. And with our end-to-end solutions, we help you gain workflow efficiencies, so you can operate at scale and focus on one thing: taking travel further. Our focus is helping you gain a competitive advantage.

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Available Products

  • Agency Managed Commission

    Agencies are dependent on front-end commissions to meet their overall revenue goals. Currently, calculating those commissions is a manual process that reduces agent productivity and revenue potential. On average, it takes eight minutes to issue a commissionable ticket.

  • Sabre Red Apps

    To stay ahead of their competitors, travel agencies need a solution that can help them power business performance through services. The demand for customization and efficiency tools are at an all-time high.

  • Sabre Red 360

    Bring the entire travel spectrum into full view.

  • Sabre Traveler Communication

    Sabre Traveler Communication is the administration portal for delivering the information and documents required for travel. Once a booking is completed through the Sabre system, it enables agencies and airlines to send tickets, invoices and itineraries to their travelers via email.

  • Agency Retailer

    Within the highly competitive travel industry, agencies have had to rethink how they can remain profitable. To optimize revenues, many have found it’s vital to take advantage of smarter retailing.