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With the travel landscape changing so fast, it’s essential your agency has a technology partner able to navigate the challenges and help you grasp new opportunities.

How do you attract and delight customers when personalization, speed and simplicity are baseline expectations? How can you do more with less when resources are under constant strain? And how do you weather the turmoil of economic uncertainty and fierce competition to emerge stronger than before?

We help thousands of agencies do this every day. See how we can help you.


Work smarter,
grow faster

Automation is key to maximising speed and productivity, which is why we build it into our systems wherever possible, constantly evolving and upgrading our software to give your agency the edge.

Not only does it save time and free agents up to better serve customers, it also minimises the risk of human error and ultimately increases productivity.

Work up to 25% faster*

Our intuitive Sabre Red 360 interface is easy to learn, reduces training time by 50% and accelerates handling times for optimum efficiency and customer service.

Reduce costs by up to 21%**

Our Automation Hub takes care of repetitive manual tasks such as booking management, scheduling change alerts, PNR documentation and much more – saving up to 72% of agents’ time.

Take control of payments

Sabre Virtual Payments automates reconciliation, protects against fraud and improves cashflow by seamlessly connecting you to over 70 banks in over 90+ countries and 50+ currencies.

*Time saved on comparable tasks using Sabre Red 360 versus previous workspace
**Source: Automation Hub Value Calculator, based on input criteria of an agency


Optimise revenue,
every time

Say hello to the perfect combination of choice and intelligence. Through a full spectrum of bookable content and advanced retailing capabilities, we simplify the booking experience to help drive higher revenues, propel conversions and maximise loyalty.  

The Sabre platform enables true personalisation, so you can deliver the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time. Every time. 

Air content that helps you win 

Access the best flights from over 420 carriers, NDC offers from 15+ airlines, and deliver high value, personalized offers through our scalable, innovative distribution capabilities. Rich visuals and masses of insights will ensure you always make winning trip recommendations.

Lodging options customers want. 1.6 million of them.

Find the right lodging options with easy access to over 90% of the world’s properties. Content Services for Lodging efficiently meets your customers’ needs.

The best offers at your fingertips

Search airfares, personalise results and compare them at speed. Our Agency Air Shopping solution simply works faster and delivers better offers to put you ahead.


Seize opportunities,
stay ahead

When you switch to Sabre you can be sure our local experts have a deep understanding of your market. And we don’t stop there.  

We continually explore next-gen solutions to help you seize the opportunities ahead, to outsmart your competition and shape the future of travel. 

Transforming travel with Google 

Our strategic partnership with Google is driving rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Sabre Travel AI already infused in many of our products. And with our transition to the cloud adding speed and scalability, Sabre Labs, our travel and technology lab, is innovating at an unprecedent pace to deliver more value to you and your customers. 

Move the world… in milliseconds

Join the 10,000 companies using our fast, flexible, orchestrated Sabre APIs to develop applications that deliver real value and benefit from response times below 600 ms. With Sabre Dev Studio, your developers get access to robust documentation, training videos, API code samples and more.

Unparalleled 24/7 customer support

Our account managers provide deep-dive consulting and insights to build your agency for the long term, while our customer service teams are on hand to meet your immediate needs. Benefit from online support and training via our Sabre Central portal.

Open a world of possibilities

With so much happening in travel right now, we think it’s the ideal time to start a conversation. Contact us today and let’s explore how we could work together.