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Agency Air Shopping

Compare Airfares with Ease

Gone are the days when passengers had little access to airline deals. Not only have travelers become more sophisticated about searching for fares, they expect instant results and personalized offers.

To meet travelers’ demands, travel agencies must find new ways to market, shop and increase booking conversions.

The Destination for the Best Offers

Agency Air Shopping products help travel agencies source the best airline offers through the planning, booking and servicing stages of travel.  When planning travel, inspire travelers to book a dream trip tailored to a favorite activity or destination with Inspirational Shopping and eliminate repeated shopping requests by automating fare alerts with FareNabber. 

During the booking process, serve up trend insights with Intelligence Shopping and compare hundreds of offers with Bargain Finder Max to deliver a modern retailing experience.  And, when an itinerary changes, compare alternate offers and prices with Exchange Shopping.

Product features

Easy comparison shopping

Apply modern retailing to make comparison shopping easy and focus on total offer value.

Customized search

Tailor searches precisely and customize results based on traveler needs.

Instant results

Find the best options in seconds for either business or pleasure trips.

Rich, visual content

Display targeted information, messaging, pictures and URLs about the airline’s brand, products and services.

Drive a Personalized Shopping Experience by Differentiating Capabilities 

Sabre Bargain Finder Max is proven to scale by processing nearly 20,000 transactions per second and returning hundreds of offers per search in seconds. Take advantage of the new airline storefront to make comparison shopping easy.

If you have additional questions about Agency Air Shopping or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.