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To bring more compelling, personalized content to your customers your technology needs to adapt. We believe the future of airline retailing is enabled by offers and orders, and Sabre has the expertise and strategy to help you get there.  Turn vision in to reality, at a pace that matches your business. Learn how in our strategy guide for airlines.

Opening the discussion on offers and orders

What are offers and orders and why should you care? Get a primer on the concept as we answer a few of your top questions. Learn why this new retailing future opens your company to a world of opportunity.

Technology for a wide-open future

As we continue to build the future of travel retail, Sabre is making sure that every step you take today lays the groundwork for tomorrow. Our tech is helping businesses just like yours make incremental improvements at their pace.

Disclaimer: these videos are for concept demonstration purposes only


Experimentation framework to leverage retailing opportunities 

What if airlines could test multiple retailing variables in a live-shopping environment, while receiving actionable real time performance insights? The new experimentation framework – enabled by Sabre’s strategic partnership with Google Cloud – is designed to automatically adapt to customer desires and marketplace conditions. It maximizes revenue opportunities and ensures a successful end-to-end experience.  

Disclaimer: these videos are for concept demonstration purposes only


Transparent view of the customer experience 

Until now, airlines have been blind to truly understanding a traveler’s full shopping history. Using an offer and order-based model, backed by AI technology, airlines can use new data-driven insights to help them become better retailers. Airlines can now answer questions such as: “Why did a traveler book a middle seat?” and “Was that their preference or the last one available?”. Travelers benefit from personalized offers and simpler booking flows, while airlines gain valuable marketplace insights with end-to-end visibility

The industry is ready for a change

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