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It takes more than just the latest technology to compete in today’s demanding and dynamic travel industry. With the rapid shifts in expectations and standards, developers need the most comprehensive, flexible and diverse services in the marketplace.

At Sabre, that’s what we do best. We empower our partners with a powerful system, unmatched industry experience and an open platform that enables innovation and customization. Plus, our vast portfolio of services allows developers to create value across the entire travel process – from inspiration and search to providing personalized services.

Agency Developers

Click here if you are a developer looking to learn more about Sabre products designed for the modern travel agency. Access our open developer portfolio, learn about integration with agency-specific products, and create efficient, personalized applications with best-in-class resources just for you.

Airline Developers

Click here if you are a developer looking to learn more about Sabre products designed specifically for airlines. Enter our API portal to acquire documentation designed specifically for airline technologies.

Developer Partners

Click here if you are currently a Sabre Developer Partner or are looking to become a Sabre Developer Partner. The Partner Network is the intersection of supply and demand, integrating the travel ecosystem functionalities you need into one digital platform.

Available Products

  • Refunds and Exchanges

    With our Refunds and Exchanges feature, you’ll zip through what used to be a complex and tedious process of reissuing, refunding and exchanging tickets.

  • Automated Refunds

    Automated Refunds expedites and simplifies the ticket refund process.

  • Post Booking Automation Tools

    Airline customer experience technology helps improve customer service by ensuring that all your travelers arrive at the airport with their ticket.

  • Unused E-ticket Report

    Unused E-ticket Report consolidates and lists unused electronic tickets in a Sabre system-hosted database, allowing you to better manage your customers’ travel dollars.

  • API Hub

    API Hub gives airlines the flexibility to power their digital retailing strategy through an extensible API catalog built on a microservices architecture. Software Developer kits (SDKs) provide a unified API experience with consistent access protocol for all APIs, driving more efficient adoption of APIs and seamless integration into an airline’s technology ecosystem – across Sabre and third-party systems.