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Travel Agencies

Personalize travel to meet their demands – and yours.

A vast transformation is at play in the travel industry. With a staggering amount of choices available, it is essential to provide your customers with simplicity, flexibility and speed. This balance is crucial, and at Sabre, our mission is to make this equation just right for each of our partners.

We were on the ground floor of travel technology, and going forward, we continue pushing the envelope with innovation and solutions that help your agency drive revenue while increasing the customer experience.

Through our industry-standard Sabre Red 360, additional agency tools like Agency Retailer and Safe Point, and our unrivaled collection of APIs, your agency has the ability to use or create the precise booking experience that works for you.

At Sabre, we anticipate trends through our unmatched experience and innovative products for the leisure travel industry. Today, we leverage our deep insights into greater relevance, differentiated search capabilities and highly customizable responses for our partners, so more consumers are reached and served more efficiently. With our powerful system and innovative products, we offer tailored, dynamic, highly relevant content at scale, while maximizing revenue.

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Available Products

  • Sabre Red 360

    Bring the entire travel spectrum into full view.

  • Sabre Traveler Communication

    Sabre Traveler Communication is the administration portal for delivering the information and documents required for travel. Once a booking is completed through the Sabre system, it enables agencies and airlines to send tickets, invoices and itineraries to their travelers via email.

  • Safepoint

    Sabre SafePoint is the powerful travel risk management solution that assists TMCs responsible for overseeing travel programs on behalf of corporations.

  • TicketExpress

    TicketExpress lets travel agencies access pricing, ticketing, ticket reissues and void modules along with a range of settings – all of which can be updated in seconds. Agents can also manage commissions, corporate pricing, ticket stock, credit controls, preferred forms of payment, pricing restrictions and much more.

  • GetThere DirectGovernment

    Cost-controlling travel management solution government runs on.