Data, analytics, personalization and mobile are redefining the travel marketplace. As technology advances, travelers today are wanting greater immediacy and connectivity. This expectation is driving the need for travel options that offer a complete, connected solution that considers all their unique needs.

Sabre Red 360 answers these mounting travel demands. It is your access point to the Sabre platform and presents new content as soon as it’s available. With connectivity to the same content as OTAs and corporate booking tools, travel consultants are equipped to quickly respond to the diverse needs of savvy travelers and provide engaging recommendations. New insights and comparison tools are designed to make this time-consuming task easier — providing full view of the travel spectrum so you can offer travelers the perfect trip to generate more bookings.

View an Impressive Range of Advantages

Take advantage of the easy-to-use interface that increases productivity and lets you focus on what you do best — delivering exclusive, highly tailored travel options that exceed your travelers’ demands and expectations.

User-friendly design

Graphical interface and drop-down panels simplify travel complexity and eliminate guesswork providing an intuitive user experience that’s the same across air, hotel and car

Platform-enabled options

Sabre Red 360 translates API responses into an expanded list of bookable content, like branded fares, air extras and data insights for greater expertise

Customizable workflows

With Red Apps and the Sabre Developer Toolkit, access source codes and templates to create widgets, pop-ups and forms tailored to your brand promise

Redefining Travel Booking and Merchandising from Every Angle

Sabre Red 360 features a customizable, intuitive user experience that uses data-driven insights to guide travel consultants to the right choice. Designed for travel consultants at all experience levels, the interface speeds up everyday workflows with pre-populated data, human-language error handling, tooltips and next-step prompts. Advanced filtering also enables travel consultants to quickly narrow shopping results and find options that answer their customer’s specific travel requirements. Integrated maps and points of interest help travel consultants pinpoint hotel and car rental locations to offer a complete, connected travel solution — all without leaving the workspace.

What’s more, the intuitive interface is easy to master, regardless of experience level. This provides agencies flexibility in their hiring strategy and to determine the right mix of talent to meet increasing traveler expectations. New travel consultants benefit from reduced training time and faster time-to-booking. Experienced travel agents can choose to work with familiar Sabre formats while also leveraging shortcuts and rich information to accelerate end-to-end workflows. Thanks to its many customization possibilities, agencies can develop automated workflows that make it simple and quick to shop and book complex fares, delivering tailored travel offers for their customers.

To more nimbly adapt to the changing travel industry, Sabre Red 360 reveals new content as soon as it’s available. The smarter workflow that brings you a higher degree of data, content and flexibility to keep up with ever-evolving traveler demands. Combining insights with expertise, travel consultants can go beyond selling products and provide winning, end-to-end recommendations. When airlines personalize offers, travel consultants are more empowered to close the deal. For Hotel and Car, access to new content and comparison tools increase the ability to book the perfect stay. Plus, travel providers and agency partners can count on Sabre to reliably deliver the content they need to operate 24/7/365.

Responsive to Your Unique and Evolving Business Needs

Different by design, Sabre Red 360 is built on APIs from the Sabre platform and seamlessly integrates a new spectrum of bookable content and data-rich information. The simplified workflow makes it easy to display and sell branded fares, ancillaries and car extras to generate additional revenue. Air shopping now returns up to 250 results in a single response – 10X more than previously. Personalized content through the New Distribution Capacity (NDC) APIs will soon be integrated to take Air Shopping to a higher level.

With Sabre Profiles featured in the new platform, loyalty members are automatically recognized and rewarded. Additionally, new Content Services for Lodging will create expanded possibilities for agencies to offer travelers seeking a trip to remember. If that weren’t enough, the Sabre Developer Toolkit seamless integrates even more content to help define the perfect offer.

Sabre Red 360 provides added value to:


It unlocks a new gamut of bookable content and insightful information to create an end-to-end recommendation for customers that focuses on their unique business or travel needs. With shortcuts and insights that guide the travel consultant to the right choice, it’s easy to master. It even provides new customization possibilities where agencies can develop automated workflows and incorporate even more content for a completely tailored experience that adds customer value.

Travel Providers

Greater product differentiation is achieved with tools designed to sell ancillary and branded fares sales, personalized offers with add-ons and enhanced hotel capabilities. Through rich imagery and descriptive information, Sabre Red 360 delivers a consist approach to branding within the agency channel. In addition, the Sabre travel marketplace offers an omni-channel marketing strategy that provides access to the highest value travelers and unlocks a new range of merchandising possibilities.


Sabre Red 360 displays the same API content available in the online channel. Support desk agents can easily personalize the experience using background information in the Sabre profile or PNR to find the most relevant travel options within the Sabre platform. Its flexible design also enables OTAs and tech-savvy agencies to quickly adapt to changing industry and customer demands both online and offline.

No matter what the industry brings next, Sabre Red 360 is ready.

The Future of Travel Booking Has Come 360

Want a dynamic booking solution that offers greater content, ease-of-use and customization? Discover a simplified comparison-shopping solution designed to clinch the best deal each time. Sabre Red 360 combines an intuitive, user-friendly interface, data-driven insights and greater intelligence to quickly deliver winning recommendations that increase travel bookings.

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