Accelerating Innovation

To help advance the travel industry with next-gen solutions, Sabre is building a cloud-based technology environment to unlock greater efficiencies and new capabilities. Learn how this benefits you.

Investing in a new marketplace
for personalized travel

Sabre is investing in a major technology transformation effort – one that will enhance our ability to deliver products and services that enable the creation of a new marketplace for personalized travel.

A multi-year journey with key strategic partners, like Google Cloud, will accelerate innovation for the travel industry. It involves:

  • Retiring Sabre data centers and moving its services to the Google Cloud platform.

  • Building a distributed cloud foundation to host our applications with embedded security and high-availability features.

  • Adopting modern tools, techniques and automation for increased velocity, productivity and resilience.

  • Implementing advanced capabilities like machine learning into Sabre products to deliver unparalleled user experiences.


As we work to evolve our technology platform, our next generation capabilities will unlock more revenue streams, more value, and make it easier for customers to do business with Sabre. Here’s how:

Increased personalization, driving more conversions and higher value offers.

A modern retailing experience with a robust offer and order model.

More frequent releases of new capabilities that customers can quickly and seamlessly integrate into their existing portfolios.

Greater flexibility to consume Sabre solutions in a modular, platform-centric, API-led fashion, meaning customers will be able to adopt specific components instead of the entire platform.

Scalable artificial intelligence, data and analytics, and machine learning capabilities that allow customers to quickly respond to market conditions.

Expected increased stability and security of Sabre applications, resulting in fewer operational disruptions.

Plan for tomorrow

As we work to migrate our technology, start planning today to be ready for tomorrow. Some customers may need to take action. Select a resource below to learn more and understand timelines.

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