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A simpler way for travel agents to book travel

Our newest booking solution for travel agencies simplifies the booking process and integrates seamlessly with Sabre Red 360.

Sabre Red family is growing

As an extension of Sabre Red 360, Sabre Red Launchpad™ helps minimize training time for new travel consultants and helps them shop and book basic reservations with only a few clicks. Join the countdown to the official launch.

Like other consumer travel applications, Sabre Red Launchpad provides users with a streamlined graphical user interface (GUI) that helps them shop and book basic air, hotel, and car itineraries with only a few clicks.

Sabre Red Launchpad also gives travel consultants an easy way to access the benefits of working with a GDS (i.e. Sabre), without needing to become GDS experts.


Expanded offering

The product supports NDC offers, low-cost carrier XML content, and traditional ATPCO/EDIFACT options, as well as the full breadth of lodging content offered via Sabre’s Content Services for Lodging.

This expanded offering gives travel agencies more flexibility to manage their workforces. Sabre Red Launchpad users can hone their expertise, or transition to working on more complex reservations in Sabre Red 360.

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Explore our growing early adopter partners

snap powered by sabre

Internova Travel Group, one of the largest travel services companies, was the first agency to adopt Sabre Red Launchpad. The co-branded version Internova SNAP was launched to its Canadian travel consultant community on July 2, 2024.

We celebrated this innovative milestone at the Sabre Poland offices, gaining invaluable insights from our leaders and Internova Travel Group.

1000Access powered by sabre

1000 Mile Travel Group (1000MTG), a global network of highly experienced independent travel advisors, is the second agency to adopt Sabre Red Launchpad™. The co-branded version of the product, 1000Access, is currently available in North America with further regional releases coming soon.

Initially, advisors can book traditional flights, NDC offers, and low-cost carrier options through 1000Access. In the future, 1000MTG may also activate hotel and ground transport content.

Sabre team and 1000 Mile Travel Group at the ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors) conference in Dallas, 2024.

Stay up to date as we count down to the general launch.