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Building towards a better tomorrow

At Sabre, we create global technology solutions that take on the biggest opportunities and most complex challenges in travel. Our commitment to innovation is about building towards a better tomorrow, enabling responsible travel choices for all, while driving global movement towards sustainable travel​.

Sabre seeks to integrate ESG principles into the foundation of our business to better serve all our stakeholders — from our people to our partners, from our customers to travelers around the world. As a leader in the travel technology space, we recognize the opportunities and responsibilities we have to advance global sustainability efforts. As we look to the future, we aim to contribute to decarbonization efforts within the travel industry and are committed to acting responsibly and intentionally to better enrich our communities.

Sabre views sustainability and ESG management as a key area of focus, and we are laying important foundations to enhance our risk management, data collection, oversight approach, reporting and targets.

Following the publication of an Executive Summary earlier this year, we are pleased to publish our 2023 Sustainability Report, aligned with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards as well as the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

We are guided by three pillars that define our sustainability strategy:


Celebrate the diversity of our people to reflect the world we serve. Learn More


Make our impact meaningful while helping to preserve our planet for future generations. Learn More


Use technology and collaboration to build a path to prosperity, helping to enable a better future for all. Learn More

For information on our commitments and governance on Corporate Responsibility (CR) Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct and UK requirements, please click here  


Enhance the well-being of our employees, putting them first

  • Create a positive, nurturing and creative environment where all of our employees can flourish, develop and innovate to their full potential
  • Inspire and encourage our people to adopt positive and responsible living practices, for the good of their health and the planet’s health

Advocate for the well-being of people throughout our supply chain

  • Ensure we are working with suppliers that treat their people as we treat ours

Help to better the well-being of millions of people touched by Sabre’s business

  • Support crises and causes touched by travel
  • Advocate for better and equal access to employment and education for disadvantaged and minority groups around the world

Engage in open dialogue and shed light on our people’s broad, rich and unique perspectives


Make Sabre’s impact on the planet positive

  • Reduce Sabre’s carbon footprint, including its scope 1 and 2 emissions
  • Reduce Sabre’s scope 3 emissions

Use our technology to help reduce carbon emissions of the global travel industry

  • Promote the sustainability benefits of our existing technology for the travel industry
  • Look at ways in which we can actively pursue environmentally focused technology

Advocate for and accelerate the industry’s transition to clean travel

  • Facilitate and take part in industry-wide discussions on moving to a greener future
  • Promote green technology and clean travel initiatives


Help enhance the livelihoods of billions of people around the world through responsible travel

  • Through the power of our technology and connections, enable people to make responsible travel choices so that travel can remain a force for good for decades to come

Foster an environment that enables the brightest and greatest technological innovation for common good

  • Harness technological innovation to lead to better outcomes for the global travel industry
  • Take a collaborative and innovative approach to creating technology that can help make travel more sustainable

Help our customers and stakeholders to thrive through responsible development and investment

  • Use our unique position in the travel industry to help our customers reach healthy profitability through positive impact
  • Engage in partnerships and alliances that help create long-term sustainability and prosperity for the travel industry

Corporate Responsibility Governance

Our commitment to being a responsible global leader and corporate citizen not only helps define it as a great company, but one with great purpose. Our company policies, both with regard to our own commitment and governance, as well as with regard to our considerations with our suppliers, partners and other stakeholders are below.

Supplier code of conduct

This document includes our commitments, communication and cooperation, and codes of conduct for ethical business practices, social behavior, and environmental behavior. View our supplier code of conduct here.

UK Legal Requirements

This document sets forth our UK tax strategy as required by UK law. View our UK Tax Strategy here.

This document sets forth our UK commitment to combatting modern day slavery.  View our stance here.