Delivering a Universe of Red Apps that Optimize Your Agents Workflow

Red App Centre is the place where agents can shop and request Red Apps that integrate seamlessly into your workflow and extend the capabilities of the Sabre Red Workspace. With the power of Red Apps, travel management companies and agencies have the ability to customize the Sabre Red Workspace to fit their exact business needs, and in the process maximize the ways they shop, plan and book travel without having to search or use productivity tools across multiple websites. Creating a customized environment for optimal agent productivity and customer service only is just an app or two away.

Take Advantage of New Tools to Amp Up Your Agents’ Workspaces

  • Higher Productivity: Simplify your workflow, enhance traveler services and customer service, drive more revenue, and more. Red Apps integrate seamlessly into the workspace.
  • Greater Flexibility & Personalization: Using the Sabre Red Workspace SDK, you can develop your own Red Apps to fit your agency’s exact business needs.
  • Quick App Search: It’s easy to find the app you need. Explore our top free and paid Sabre Red Apps or easily search through hundreds of apps by categories or specific task.
    Tap Into a New World of Greater Possibilities

Simplify your workflow, deliver efficiencies, maximize revenue, and heighten your customer service. Whatever the business objective, chances are there is a handy Sabre Red App ready to meet your travel management company’s or agency’s needs. If not, our Sabre Red Workspace SDK gives you the flexibility to build one to precisely meet your needs. The possibilities are truly endless.

Traditional Red Apps

Developed by Sabre or by Sabre Red App Certified Providers, our traditional Red Apps and plug-ins integrate seamlessly into the Sabre Red Workspace workflow. You can deploy apps to the entire agency or select agents’ workspaces.

Decision Support Bar Widgets

Offering deeper integration than previously, new widgets can be accessed now within the new Sabre Red Workspace workflow. Unleash creativity with our latest Sabre Red Workspace SDK and create widgets that provide insights to inform travel consultants after they have conducted a search. Whether a weather prediction widget or a C02 emission calculator to help determine the best fare for eco-friendly travelers out there, access new components to develop the best widgets, and turn travel agents into travel consultants.

Panel Widgets

Taking a step further down into the workflow after a consultant has selected a travel option, the Panel Widget provides valued-added inline shopping data, including information about specific seat maps, imagery and Routehappy ratings in the new Sabre Red Workspace. Now, you can customize this area and integrate agency private or third-party travel insights, enabling consultants to meet customers’ needs without wasting time researching outside the workspace. Not only can Panel Widgets give details about particular travel options, but they can also be placed deeper into the workflow after a segment has been selected for a traveler. Creating opportunities for upselling, these Panel Widgets are a great way for agencies to produce new revenue streams and differentiate offerings beyond the standard workspace.


Bring complex external workflows into the workspace through new forms accessible at any point within the workflow, right at the top of the search. Easily pull in information such as back-office data and let our automation do the heavy lifting. Receive automatic responses back based on specified parameters set by the travel consultant in the form.

Workflow Extension Points

Need an automated way to trigger reminders a travel consultant needs to ask their traveler about hotel accommodations after booking an air segment? How about a notification for selling an extra bag or offering early boarding? What used to require manual reminders and checks for completion, the Workflow Extension Point is designed to help support predefined workflows within an agency’s business logic. Extension Points can be added before and after any task within a workflow and provides greater quality control for an agency.


The Nudge API is an in-system messaging mechanism that allows agencies to broadcast information to influence travel agents with indirect suggestions, offering smart alternatives to help the decision-making process. The Nudge can be triggered on Air Shopping, Air Availability, Car Shopping, Hotel Shopping, Pricing and Sell workflows. Specifically define the behavior you are trying to influence on these workflows; however, the Nudge must keep the freedom of choice. The Nudge supports various action tasks: Opens a browser with a specific URL, starts a Sabre Scribe script, launches a PF Key, carries out a command, plus executes an existing flow or triggers selected Red Apps.

Make Great Apps for Sabre Red App Centre

Are you a developer wanting to create a Red App that meets your agency’s specific needs? Grow your business with the resources designed to help you created incredible apps and reach more travel agencies.

To learn more or become a Red App supplier, please visit Sabre Red App Centre.

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