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Customer Experience Manager

Deliver the Personalized Experience Customers Expect

In today’s hyper-competitive airline industry, personalization is the key to differentiation. To stand out, it’s important to provide service that is customer-centric.

Airlines must constantly search for new ways to individualize the travel experience and drive repeat business. Without the right passenger data, however, it’s nearly impossible to create the ideal customer journey.

Better data delivers a better travel experience

Customer Experience Manager enables airlines to provide travelers with a premium personalized experience. By accessing an automated rules engine using near real-time data, carriers can execute a strong customer engagement strategy simply by providing a suite of patterns and actions.

At the same time, Customer Experience Manager offers the flexibility and control necessary to tailor unique, individual journeys while delivering on the brand promise and building loyalty.

Product features

Robust business-rules engine

Link customer data with real-time events to create tailored experiences across the travel journey. Employ Customer Experience Manager is an automated rules engine which leverages near real-time data. Personalize offers, engage customers and drive revenue at key points throughout the journey.

Intuitive interface

Access a simple graphical interface that uses data patterns and conditions to create unique rules and specific actions that drive results.

Extensive data diversity

Leverage a wide variety of data elements, triggers and fulfillment timings to create traveler experiences for your customers.

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