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Customer Data Hub

Insights for a Superior Customer Experience

Delivering omni-channel personalized offers and services throughout each passenger’s journey is the goal. Yet shortcomings in data storage and processing technology still hinder some airlines seeking to integrate traveler information due to siloed internal systems.

Carriers need a seamless data environment that connects with every customer touchpoint, including shopping, reservations and check-in.

Personalize Each Journey with Consistent, Visible Data

Customer Data Hub is an exclusive solution that consolidates customer data while ensuring its dependability and integrity. As a result, carriers are able to serve up personalized offers and services which enrich the traveler’s experience.

By maintaining a holistic record of passenger details and booking information, an airline can automatically create comprehensive profiles which are invaluable to their business going forward.

Product features

Offer personalization

Deliver a more granular identification of travelers. Implement experiential treatments and personalized offers.

360° view of traveler

Create rules based on personal information to gain a better perspective of each customer.

Intuitive interface

Access an easy-to-use graphical interface that allows analysts to view created profiles and merge any duplicates to maintain consistency and data integrity.

Identification of most valuable travelers

Generate and assign value scores to customer insight profiles using different types of flexible criteria in the Customer Value Calculator.

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