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Airline Ancillaries

Airline Products and Services A La Carte

To deliver a higher level of customer service and build customer loyalty, carriers are increasingly offering more personalized fare options and flexibility to their passengers. However, it can be a challenge to deliver consistent ancillary pricing, booking and fulfillment across both distribution channels and partner airlines.

Without up-to-date information on available fares and services, agents can miss upsell opportunities and lose potential revenue.

Tap Into Additional Ancillary Revenue Streams

Airline Ancillaries enables travel agencies to book and fulfill airline products and services which are not included in the fare. This powerful product allows airlines to sell new services and create new revenue streams. By unbundling airfares to remove items such as seats and bags from the base fare, carriers can charge incremental fees for these services.

Travel agents have a fast, convenient process to drive customer loyalty and deliver personalized travel options at the best value.

Product features

Diverse range of ancillary services

Make it easy and flexible to unbundle fares and optional ancillary services for travelers using Air Extras.

Shopping, booking and fulfillment services

Leverage a range of Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) capabilities to manage and fulfill ancillaries and non-flight-related service fees across both direct and indirect channels.

Inventory and quota limits management

Validate inventory levels in real time across all channels by integrating ancillaries into shopping paths. Increase ancillary revenue by maintaining price premiums.

Sales opportunities across interline and codeshare partners

Manage and track ancillary pricing, booking and fulfillment on partner airlines’ flights and vice versa, including multiple carriers.

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