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Customer Insight

Become Expert on Your Customers

It’s an understatement to say that customer data management is paramount within the travel industry. To be successful, airlines need visibility and access to travelers’ information.

While airlines need this customer data to deliver an individualized travel experience, they must also guarantee its security and consistency globally.

The Insight to Make Travel Personal

Customer Insight enables airlines to deliver personalized offers and services to their passengers. This innovative operational profile solution provides a single view of traveler profile data at all touch points to provide a unique and memorable customer experience.

Comprised of a relational database for traveler profile data, Customer Insight also draws on web services that interface with customer products. Airlines can access customer, corporate, travel agency and group profiles from any application or customer touchpoint, including the reservations office or airport check-in.

Product features

Improved agent and employee productivity

Leverage five different profile types and automatically transfer customer data into the reservation where it can be used in future bookings.

Easy airline profile management

Save time by referencing the entire population of customers’ booking details. Tap basic traveler data to personalize messaging, shape customer-experiences and make other operational decisions. Create, read, update, delete, restore or search for airline profiles.

Central repository of traveler profile data

Access a complete storehouse of customer profile data for travelers’ personal information, booking preferences, value scores and other profile data.

Putting Customers First is Top Priority 

Customer Insight helps airlines to stay focused on the most important aspect of their business: their customers. By managing passenger data, carriers are able to personalize the flight experience and take care of what matters most.

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