Loyalty enables airlines to recognize, track and reward their most loyal customers across all touchpoints during their journeys, providing an improved customer experience and increased customer loyalty that results in repeat revenue and increased share of wallet.

Complementary products

Loyalty is more powerful with Customer Insights, Digital Workspace, Digital Connect and Digital Experience.

Life of the flight

Loyalty is beneficial in the areas of day of operations and recovery.


Recognize and reward frequent flyer tiers

  • Define loyalty tiers and map them to pre-established airline and partner tiers
  • Leverage Customer Insight profile data to configure and apply specific benefits to loyalty members
  • Recognize loyalty members through their journey, while providing tier information to agents
  • Enable new capabilities to recognize alliance and partner program tiers

Manage customer profiles and preferencing with Customer Insights

  • Leverage consistent customer data across IBE, call center and airports to enhance the customer experience
  • Real-time population of customer data enabling faster booking creation and servicing
  • Integrates with other customer data sources or external systems:
  1. Contact information
  2. Demographic information
  3. Form of identification
  4. Travel document information
  5. Loyalty number and tier
  6. Form of payment information
  7. Airline preferences
  8. Hotel and car preferences
  9. Special service requests
  10. Customer value score

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