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Reward Your Customers’ Loyalty

In the highly competitive airline industry, differentiation is key. To drive demand, revenue and growth, it’s critical for airlines to promote and support robust loyalty programs. After all, they can generate as much as 20% of a company’s profit.

The fact is, it costs companies 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer versus retaining an existing one. On top of that, 70% of buying experiences are based on how people feel they’re being treated.

Customers Always Come First

Loyalty enables airlines to drive differentiation and offer personalization. By recognizing, tracking and rewarding their most loyal travelers across all touchpoints during their journeys, carriers can deliver a superior travel experience and build customer devotion. Along the way, they can generate repeat revenue and increased share of wallet.

Product features

Manage customer profiles and preferences using Customer Insight

Leverage consistent customer data across internet booking engines, call centers and airports to enhance the customer experience. Access real-time population of customer data enabling faster booking creation and servicing. Integrate with other customer data sources or external systems.

Recognition and rewards for frequent flyer tiers

Define loyalty tiers and map them to pre-established airline and partner tiers. Tap Customer Insight profile data to configure and apply specific benefits to loyalty members. Recognize loyalty members throughout their journey, while providing tier information to agents.

Efficiently managed accruals

Support multiple accrual file options, either the standard or enhanced versions. Configure accrual files to be sent on a nightly basis or based on business needs.

Enhanced redemption experience with Dynamic Rewards

Support multiple redemption options across customer touchpoints. Allow redemption of upgrades and ancillaries or fixed-point awards for customer loyalty program. Redeem rewards for branded fares and interline branded fares as well as alliances and partners. Service refunds and rebookings.

Build enduring customer relationships

Loyalty enables airlines to foster rewarding, lifelong relationships with their customers. By forging strong connections that build devotion, carriers can embark on a business strategy that pays dividends both today and tomorrow.

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