Access Rail Networks in Real Time

For more and more people, train travel is their preferred mode of transportation. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it’s fast becoming the mandated option for leisure and business trips.

To take advantage of this growing trend, travel buyers need to provide rail options to customers who prefer travel by train for short- and medium-sized routes.

Fast-Track Rail Travel

Rail provides agencies with an intuitive and easy-to-use workflow to shop, book and fulfill rail trips. With many travelers favoring train travel, this best-in-class solution offers access to real-time content for primary rail networks across Europe and North America. The list of countries served includes France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and USA.

Product features

Full access to content

Survey the entire product range of 9 major national rail networks.

Flexible choice of rail options

Shop multi-modal transport itineraries, international rail network passes, scenic rail journeys and individual tickets.

Easy-to-use workflows

Access an intuitive graphical user interface with unified workflows, requiring no agency training.

Modern APIs and Apps

View content through a modern set of APIs for an enhanced developer experience or leverage the power of Sabre Red Apps.

Explore Vast Rail Content for Leisure and Business

Rail allows buyers to shop 9 different rail carriers throughout North America and Europe. With 70% of travelers choosing rail for trips under 3 hours, it’s an ideal solution for the short-haul domestic travel segment.

If you have additional questions about Rail or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.

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