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Airline Availability

Accurate flight schedules and available inventory

Without access to accurate airline schedules and available inventory, travel agents simply cannot operate.

To book travel, it’s crucial to have up-to-the-minute information about when and if flights are available. Not only is out-of-date information damaging to agencies, but it can impact passengers by keeping them from getting the best available fares.

Benefit from Real-Time Updates and Accurate Availability

Airline Availability is an innovative product that provides agencies with real-time airline schedules and availability so travelers can access optimal fares. Whether agents are searching for single or multiple dates, origins and destinations, they can quickly view updated inventory and timetables to ensure they’re booking with the very latest information. By providing the highest level of reliability and accuracy, accessible via a modernized workflow, Airline Availability helps agencies drive more sales and improve traveler satisfaction.

Product features

City-pair availability for advance bookings

Access flight booking information up to 362 days in advance.

Real-time schedule updates

Receive real-time updates for the airlines’ most up-to-date schedules.

Dynamic connect point construction

Construct connect points dynamically to create extensive flight options.

Quick inventory access

Get accurate availability for the best available fares.

The Most Current Content for Over 400 Airlines

With real-time updates, travel agencies can tap into the airlines’ most up-to-date content, ensuring schedules that are as accurate as possible. At the same time, reliable availability ensures that all the best fare options are displayed and accessible for creating itinerary options across over 400 airlines globally.

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