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Airline Shopping

Transform Journeys into Buying Trips

Travelers are more informed than ever and are shopping across channels and sources to find the best offer. They also demand the instant personalized content they’ve come to expect from non-travel retailers.

To market to these savvy shoppers, airlines are embracing intelligent retailing strategies and the technology solutions that enable them to maximize the revenue of their value-added products and services.

Make Shopping More Accommodating

Airline Shopping products drive opportunities to increase conversion through advanced search capabilities. Along the way, it enables airlines to upsell to higher brands, ease point redemption and provide post-ticketing, self-service capabilities to exchange tickets.

By leveraging various tools within Airline Shopping, airlines can support complex requests to return the lowest fares, provide branded fares through interline partners and source algorithm-based targeted offers. They also have the power to drive qualified traffic from travel affiliates and generate optimal itineraries that meet customers’ changing needs.

Product features

Customized search

Tailor search and customize results precisely with unmatched search parameters based on traveler needs.

Flexible point redemption

Integrate with redemption shopping, enabling purchases with awards alone or awards plus cash.

Instant response

Generate ultrafast shopping responses using fare-rule binding, rule summaries and extensive pre-processing.

Optimize the Entire Shopping Journey

Airlines are seeing increased value by integrating Shopping Cache into their website and driving qualified leads from meta-searchers. In fact, response times improved by up to 30% using Airline Shopping. On top of that, this powerful tool is proven to increase conversion and direct channel revenue.

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