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Sabre APIs

Build Apps That Move the World

It can be a time-consuming process getting started with APIs. Learning how to develop, integrate and troubleshoot as you gain an understanding of back-end technology can feel completely overwhelming.

Developers are clearly in need of a flexible solution that integrates seamlessly with applications and databases. In order to sell travel around the globe, they must be able to access all of the products and services their clients demand.

Accelerate Development for Travel Applications

Sabre APIs help developers easily integrate robust travel content from Sabre into their business, making it a real lifesaver. Along the way, APIs can lower development costs, minimize duplication of efforts and shorten development cycles as well. Not only does this dramatically reduce time to market, it can also potentially boost revenue streams for customized, end-to-end travel applications and websites.

Unlike other interfaces, Sabre APIs give developers maximum flexibility to orchestrate distinct capabilities, so it’s virtually effortless to build, test and deploy their creations.

Product features

Complete set of travel APIs

Incorporate end-to-end services across the entire travel journey – from planning to purchasing and servicing.

End-to-end workflows

Build a fully customized application from start to finish.

Access to expanded travel content

Access unique content from multiple sources within the Sabre travel marketplace.

Reduced complexity and enhanced flexibility

Reduce time to market for applications through highly adaptable and orchestrated components ready to answer unique business needs.

Evolving the API Landscape

Sabre is committed to bringing the latest technology available to our APIs. By concentrating our efforts on orchestration, flexibility, simplicity and self-service resources, we are paving the way for efficient API integration.

We offer a robust catalogue of orchestrated APIs, such as our Business Management API, enabling the development process to be completed in less time. Our product collections also guide developers in choosing what APIs to use and when to use them.

Sabre APIs are available in both REST/JSON and SOAP/XML formats to ensure that they work well in any application. And our self-service resource model allows tasks that can be conveniently accomplished at the developer’s pace.

If you have additional questions about Sabre APIs or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.