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Digital Connect APIs

Satisfy Customer Needs with a Personalized Experience

On average, customers visit over 20 websites before booking a trip. To compete, airlines must transform their travel ecosystem in order to deliver a personalized experience that satisfies each passenger’s individual needs.

It’s critical that today’s airlines adopt powerful technologies which stand ready to accelerate flexibility, drive revenue and enhance customer service.

Tailor Technology to your Airline Strategy

Digital Connect APIs enable airlines to execute their digital retailing strategy, drive revenue growth and increase self-service capabilities. At the same time, they provide passengers with a very customized travel experience.

Designed using a flexible, microservices-based architecture, Digital Connect APIs are created specifically for airlines. As such, they offer an efficient, consistent and competitive approach to end-to-end retailing capabilities.

Product features

Modern microservice-based architecture

Focus on productivity and deliver value faster via a modern microservice architecture built for rapid innovation.

Simple design

Drive efficiency through code reuse and modern software practices.

Completely configurable control

Realize more flexibility through stateless service and accessible integration.

Seamless customer experience

Offer installments, upgrades and multi-segment boarding passes to help customers enjoy a better check-in experience.

Elevate Your Travel Ecosystem

Reach customers by implementing seamless integration across multiple retailing channels. Ensure consistency and efficiency along the entire end-to-end customer journey by providing a consistent, personalized experience – no matter which touchpoint they prefer.

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