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Sabre Red Apps

Integrate Customized Productivity Tools to Simplify Agency Workflow

To stay ahead of their competitors, travel agencies need a solution that can help them power business performance through services. The demand for customization and efficiency tools are at an all-time high.

Agencies are also looking for a central place for agents to shop, giving them the flexibility to choose which apps are best for their workflow to complement the capabilities of Sabre Red 360. The challenge is that any tool must be intuitive and easy to learn since agents are always challenged for time.

Expand Legacy Applications and Create New Solutions

Red App customers can easily expand and integrate both new and existing applications to interface seamlessly with Sabre Red 360. By browsing and downloading solutions created by Sabre, third-party developers or internal sources, agencies can increase both efficiency and productivity.

Agencies that require even more customization can tap the power of the Sabre Red 360 SDK to design specific solutions for their agents’ desktops. In this way, they can tailor workflows and integrate applications with other systems to fit their particular needs.

Product features

Simple Automation Solution

Gain easy access to hundreds of Sabre and third-party Red Apps with personalized tools that bring greater efficiencies to each agent’s desktop.

Deeper Customization Solution

Harness the Sabre Red 360 SDK to customize workflows and integrate information across external sources for a seamless experience.

Red App Creation for Travel Agencies

Become a Red App Certified Provider to reach more travel agencies and grow your business.

Explore Endless Customization Possibilities with Red Apps

Red Apps gives travel management companies and agencies the power to tailor Sabre Red 360 in infinite ways to fit their exact business needs. From simple automation to deep customization solutions, virtually anything is possible.

Red Apps can dramatically simplify the agency workflow. Overall training time can be reduced by 50% while productivity can be increased by up to 25%, thanks to less manual work and human errors.

For travel agencies seeking a simple automation solution:


Browse through Red Apps that extend the power of Sabre Red 360

Choose from a broad range of apps.
The possibilities are endless.


Request your Red App in the Sabre Red App Centre


Request the app automatically


Contact the seller for information


Activate your Red App in Sabre Red 360

Use the Agency Admin Tools to select who will receive access to the app.

For travel agencies seeking a deeper customization solution:


Submit your idea

Fill out the application to become a Red App Certified Provider.


Transform your idea into reality

The Sabre Red App 360 SDK provides all the tools you’ll need to build your Red App.


Make sure everything works

Your Red App will be validated by automated processes.


Your Red App is ready to make its debut

Review and publish your Red App.

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.