Content Services for Lodging

Find the Hotel Property and Rate Travelers Want

The lodging distribution landscape is highly fragmented, so travel agents have countless places they can go to source lodging accommodations. Often, when a traveler sees a hotel rate with another source, they often expect the travel agent to find that rate or better without understanding why the rate is different.

It is time consuming for travel agents to search multiple websites for the property their traveler wants and to be confident they’ve found the right location with the right amenities and the best rate.

Lodging Reimagined

Content Services for Lodging is an innovative way to simplify the process of sourcing hotel properties by filtering results based on search criteria.

Agencies can use Content Services for Lodging to conveniently compare Sabre GDS and aggregator lodging content side-by-side, making it a revolutionary way to shop and book the ideal experience for travelers.

Lodging suppliers can leverage Content Services for Lodging to highlight their properties’ most compelling features while reaching the world’s most valuable customers.

Product features

Content access

Shop and compare multiple lodging content sources (GDS and aggregator) with access to over 90% of the world’s properties.

Tailored search/preferences

Evaluate more attributes for more specific and qualified search results.

Uniform shopping interface

View a consistent shopping display among properties and lodging attributes across multiple content sources. You can easily compare rates and determine which one offers the right amenities and policies to suit the traveler.

Return the best options

Using Lodging Retailer, you can customize the return results to highlight the content from your preferred suppliers and customer travel policies.

Developer-Friendly Content Services for Lodging APIs

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View Lodging Content Together

Content Services for Lodging integrates both Sabre GDS and aggregator content, giving customers access to 1.6 million lodging options. Combined with all our aggregators, this encompasses more than 90% of the world’s lodging.

Maximize the Benefits of Content Services for Lodging

See how to get the most out of Content Services for Lodging by using Sabre Red 360. Check out Sabre Dev Studio for API documentation, support and tools for integration.

If you have additional questions about Content Services for Lodging or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.

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