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Offline DCS Lite

Maintain Airport Operations During System Outages

Anytime network or host access is interrupted, it can cause all kinds of problems at airports. The entire check-in process is affected, which means carriers are faced with the challenge of manually printing boarding passes, checking bags and upgrading or downgrading passengers.

Beyond the additional workload they generate, outages can result in long lines, frustrating customer delays and costly human errors by gate agents.

Keep the Network Working at All Times

Offline DCS Lite ensures minimal impact to an airline’s service standards and reputation – even when the regular system goes down. This one-of-a-kind solution supports the check-in process without requiring any extra hardware, so boarding passes, baggage tags and other services are unaffected by interruptions.

In the process, Offline DCS Lite reduces the likelihood of agent mistakes while minimizing any financial impact. More importantly, it helps airlines to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

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