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Airline recovery with IROPS Reaccommodation

Efficiently solve disruptions and rebook airline passengers to minimize costs

Airlines today operate in a highly strained system that’s under ever-growing pressure. This means service disruptions pose an increasingly challenging issue.

Not only do irregular operations (IROPS) have significant cost implications, but they create tremendous business problems as well. In addition to pandemonium within the OCC, airlines must deal with long lines, extended wait times, inundated agents and frustrated customers.

Leverage a Proven, End-To-End Solution for Centralized Airline Recovery

IROPS Reaccommodation is a cutting-edge tool that enables airlines to deal with irregular operations and generate reaccommodation solutions that boost customer satisfaction. The system recognizes travelers based on frequent flyer status, Special Service Requests (SSRs), fare levels and much more.

By accessing computerized decision support to resolve problems quickly and efficiently, airlines are able to provide a higher level of service that often translates into future revenues.

Product features

Improved customer satisfaction

Notify, prioritize and reaccommodate customers based on value to optimize satisfaction and minimize impact.

Increased agent productivity

Reduce manual agent activities at call center and airports.

Maximized operational efficiency

Receive real-time data about availability, flight status and passenger information. Analyze what-if scenarios to make the best decision and resolve problems quickly.

Reduced passenger recovery cost

Lower rebooking and compensation costs for hotels, ground transportation and meal vouchers.

Enhance Travel Servicing with IROPS Reaccommodation

Airlines are forever focused on providing their customers with the most consistent experience possible, based on business optimization logic. To drive satisfaction, it’s crucial to improve the response to any flight delays, cancellations and other irregular operations events.

Utilizing IROPS Reaccommodation, Aerolineas Argentinas is able to determine the optimal solution for rebooking passengers affected by flight disruptions so they arrive at their final destination in a timely manner. Our innovative technology also helps the airline address customer frustration by reducing airport queues and inefficiencies along the way.

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