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Airport Check-in

Streamline the Check-in Process

Airlines are under a constant struggle to streamline the check-in process at airports. To prevent long lines and avoid frustrating passengers, they must strive to make operations as efficient as possible.

Carriers need a core host system that can automate key functions in order to ensure a positive customer experience.

Automate Airport Operations to Increase Productivity

Airport Check-in enables airlines to provide fast, reliable and comprehensive check-in and boarding options that expedite and enhance each passenger’s journey. At the same time, it streamlines the operational efficiency of airline airport agents.

By automating airport operations, carriers can boost productivity, increase revenue opportunities, reduce costs and satisfy their customers.

Product features

Auto Check-in

Automate the check-in process for eligible customers while remaining compliant with security and government mandates.

Ancillary Reaccommodation Utility

Resolve ticketing and ancillary issues after passenger reaccommodation to ensure passengers receive everything they purchased. Ensure easy boarding on new flights with no ticketing or ancillary obstacles.

Auto Timatic Confirmation

Verify 100% of required international travel documents and send the information to IATA’s database.

EDIFACT Thru Check-in

Enable through-check, view seat maps, change seats and reprint boarding passes for passengers connecting to another airline. Improve operational efficiencies while enhancing the passenger experience.

Watchlist Manager

Populate watchlists using a GUI-based application provided by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. Streamline the security process for passengers on the U.S. Government Watchlist.

Flight Compensation

Automate service credits to passengers for an entire flight manifest or PNRs on a queue. Improve service by proactively compensating customers for disruptions using paperless credits. Maximize revenue growth by incentivizing customers to book future flights to avoid losing credits.

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