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Load Manager

Achieve Perfect Balance in Weight Management

To increase efficiency and ensure safety, airlines must manage the placement of their loads to reach equilibrium. However, it can be a real challenge to determine the ideal center of gravity and redistribute weight accordingly.

Without a smart way to improve planning and balance their loads, carriers can miss out on a critical opportunity to reduce costs and increase revenue.

Boost Efficiency with Next-Generation Load Planning

Load Manager offers airlines an advanced, integrated weight-and-balance solution that addresses vital load planning and management functions. Delivered via a user-friendly interface, it provides carriers with an accurate, straightforward means to maximize aircraft-fuel efficiency by determining the optimal center of gravity for every aircraft. The application can even be used for multi-carrier partitions and other airlines whose loads are ground-handled.

By applying innovative automation, Load Manager makes it simple to improve aircraft payload utilization. In the process, it can cut costs by increasing operational efficiency and saving manpower, so carriers can beef up their revenues.

Product features

Enhanced productivity

View a single-screen workflow to better visualize the load planning process.

Safety protocols

Enhance control by implementing increased business rules and background safety checks which send alerts to Load Planner.

Fuel savings

Improve Estimated Zero Fuel weight calculations and Center of Gravity optimization by leveraging the Ideal Trim Indicator.

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