3rd Party Ground Handling Check-in and E-ticketing

Extend Your Reach Around the World

Not all airlines have their own systems for check-in and e-ticketing at every airport. Without a way to take care of these critical functions, they are unable to operate freely across any destination.

These carriers are in need of a solution that allows them to take care of business and expand their network wherever they choose to fly.

Handle Check-In and Ticketing from Virtually Anywhere

SabreSonic 3rd Party Ground Handling Check-in and E-ticketing empowers any airline to have functions like check-in, electronic ticketing, gate operations and boarding “ground handled” – even if it’s a new destination. This is made possible by using another carrier’s system along with a third-party departure control system (DCS).

For airlines that lack the operations staff at particular airports, this solution reduces costs while building partnerships with other carriers and ground-handling companies. Most importantly, it enables them to grow their network by increasing the number of locations they serve.

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