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Self-Service Reaccommodation

Let Passengers Take Control of Their Own Journeys

On an ongoing basis, every airline is faced with the need to create waivers for their customers. This can be due to cancellations or delays as well as the passenger’s reacommodation history or tier information. While it’s always important to take care of customers, managing waivers manually can take up a great deal of an agent’s time. On top of that, the delay can add further inconvenience and frustration to the passenger’s travel experience.

Take Care of Customer Reaccommodations Automatically

Self-Service Reaccommodation is an innovative solution that enables airlines to create and deploy customer waivers both automatically and immediately. Using a rules interface, these waivers allow customers to rebook themselves on the web or a mobile device based on each original and new flight selected.

By freeing up agents, Self-Service Reaccommodation allows them to focus on other passenger needs while reducing call center support costs. Additionally, it enhances customer satisfaction by offering travelers the convenience of managing their own reaccommodations during a disruption or delay.

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