Sabre Air Price IQ™

Dynamically optimize airfare offers based on traveler and marketplace insights

Virgin Australia soars with Air Price IQ

As traveler expectations grow for personalized retail experiences, so does the need for airlines to move beyond static pricing. But how do you match travelers to the right fares at the right times? Doing so requires dynamic pricing on an unprecedented scale.

up to 3% revenue uplift*

in air fare revenue opportunities created by Air Price IQ™

*Results are based on production implementation of partner airline customers
and vary, depending on price sensitivity in the market.

Dynamic and Intelligent Air Pricing

Imagine adjusting your prices in real-time based on capacity, competition and traveler context at scale. Sabre Air Price IQ™ makes this possible. Part of the Retail Intelligence suite, Air Price IQ improves pricing precision by analyzing marketplace, pricing and revenue management strategies, and booking velocity.

Created as a result of our strategic partnership with Google and powered by Sabre Travel AI™, Air Price IQ moves away from traditional static pricing models and uses advanced machine learning models to personalize airfare offers in real-time, helping your airline to drive conversion.

Learn more about Air Price IQ, how it works and help you adapt to fast-changing market conditions and improve airline revenue forecasting in our Deep Dive.

Product features

Real-time analysis

Use marketplace data and traveler context combined with machine-learning models to optimize price recommendations.

Continuous pricing

Increase pricing flexibility and reduce reliance on static rules-based pricing models to optimize revenue opportunities across all channels, including NDC.

Seamless servicing

Enable airlines to effortlessly service, rebook flights or exchange tickets in a seamless end-to-end workflow.

Cloud-based scale

Scale to support current and future shopping volumes with minimal impact on latency.

What our customers are saying

Air Serbia: taking dynamic pricing to new heights

Sabre’s Bhaskara Guntreddy, VP of Product Management is joined by Jiří Marek, Air Serbia CEO, to discuss the recent implementation of Sabre Air Price IQ. Watch the video to find out why Air Serbia chose Air Price IQ and how they’re delivering personalized retailing at scale.

If you have additional questions about dynamic pricing, Air Price IQ or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.