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Travel Data

Understand your Customer Data to Maximize ROI

It’s crucial for airlines to successfully gather and leverage data across their customers’ entire trip in order to improve revenues and enhance the overall travel experience. However, getting the information can be challenging, costly and time-consuming.

Carriers need a solution that provides them with instant data reporting insights, so they can react quickly to make the most of each passenger’s journey.

Source-Rich, Powerful Real-Time Data

Sabre Travel Data collects enhanced reservations and ticketing information for airlines based on a structured, normalized data model or interrelated data elements. Using a robust business intelligence system, carriers can access powerful reporting and data visualization tools as well as a comprehensive library of booking reports for every flight – from reservation and ticketing through check-in.

This invaluable solution helps airlines understand their passenger and ancillary revenues better while assessing loyalty programs and sharing real-time customer data, including travel disruption notifications. Along the way, Travel Data can also boost the ROI of marketing campaigns by tracking sales and promotions to ensure that travelers enjoy the best experience possible.

Product features

Powerful business intelligence

Obtain access to broad analytic, reporting and rich data visualization tools to increase passenger and ancillary revenues.

Rich data across the journey

Receive complete ticketing, reservation, check-in and ancillary data daily with Travel Data Batch or in near real-time with Streaming Data.

Near real-time revenue recognition

Recognize revenue during bookings and generate loyalty rewards in near real-time.

Bring Your Airline Data to Life

By accessing rich, timely reservation and ticketing data, Sabre Travel Data enables airlines to drive greater revenue while providing passengers with a more satisfying trip.

Carriers can make more informed decisions and supply formatted reporting to data warehouses and third-party software. At the same time, they can tap into meaningful business insights while tracking sales and marketing campaigns to improve profitability.

If you have additional questions about Sabre Travel Data or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.