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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

While airlines rely heavily on credit cards, they must also verify each payment they process and receive. Fraudulent charges must be identified to protect the carrier and avoid revenue leakage.

To ensure they receive all the funds due them, airlines are in need of a fully compliant and integrated airline payment solution.

Leverage the Ultimate Payment Acceptance and Settlement Platform

Payments can function across all distribution channels while supporting key systems necessary to ensure an end-to-end booking and fulfillment process. As such, this powerful set of tools provides connectivity to global and regional payment service providers, acquirers, payment schemes and local forms-of-payment aggregators. Additionally, it offers further payment capabilities such as FX solutions and support for installment payments.

Designed to be a secure, compliant and fully integrated solution, Payments can handle everything from booking and ticketing to reconciliation. Airlines also benefit from streamlined payment processing, fraud tools and a wide range of payment options.

Product features

3D Secure verification

Support the authentication of web credit-card transactions via multiple 3DS MPIs (merchant plug-ins). Enable credit-card-chargeback liability to shift from the airline to the card issuer.

Fraud Management monitoring

Support implementation of third-party fraud-screening within the payment-authorization process. Allow both pre- and post-card authorization or pre- and post-ticket issuance. Reduce fraud using screening tools integrated in the Sabre platform within the booking and selling processes.

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