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Automated Exchange

Take Time Out of Ticket Exchanges

The process of exchanging tickets can be an extremely time-consuming one for agents. It’s estimated that for every 50 tickets exchanged, one full day of manpower is lost.

Agencies need a way to streamline the process, so they can allocate their human resources to more productive activities.

Automate the Process to Enhance Productivity and Service

Automated Exchange enables agencies to automatically search and reprice up to 80% of ticket exchanges. Not only does this boost productivity by up to 20%, but it saves up to 20 minutes per transaction.

By removing duplicate workflows while checking the best exchange and ticket pricing, Automated Exchange reduces the likelihood of human errors and debit memos. Covered by the Sabre Fare Guarantee Policy, it takes the complexities out of the process, allowing agents to improve customer service and spend more time on sales.

Product features

Agency revenue protection and improved customer service

Achieve quicker, easier processing on roughly 80% of agent ticket exchanges using the Voluntary Changes rule. Realize as much as a 20% improvement in overall ticketing productivity by saving up to 20 minutes per exchange.

Highest level of automation

Calculate complex fare, tax and penalty information on reissues while expediting and improving accuracy. Access original ticketing information, eliminating the need for complex cryptic entries. Verify electronic coupon status to ensure accurate processing.

Make your life easier

Access a “Best Price Exchange” to automatically rebook tickets into other classes and secure the lowest price. Search the lowest price reissue options for price-conscious customers. View detailed marketing intelligence and productivity reporting for all tickets exchanged in an Automated Exchanges Report. Protect your revenue as transactions are included in the Sabre Fare Guarantee Policy.

If you have additional questions about Automated Exchange or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.