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Sabre Reservations – end-to-end airline reservation system

Streamline booking, distribution, and fulfillment seamlessly

It’s a challenge for airlines to create and manage all the reservations in their system every day. For this reason, it’s crucial that they can tap into a variety of core services.

To serve their passengers well, carriers must be able to build itineraries, deliver price quotes, issue travel documents, manage changes and maintain strong communications.

Focus on Customers with an Integrated Airline Reservations Suite

Airline Core Services provides airlines with a full array of personalized tools to guide workflows and deliver maximum efficiency. Sabre Reservations is an end-to-end booking, distribution and fulfillment solution for managing passengers’ entire journeys, including inventory, reservations, fares, pricing and ticketing services.

Pricing allows carriers to build and deliver the total price for a wide range of fares and itineraries based on airline rules, government taxes, airport fees and carriers’ fees. Ticketing fulfills itineraries purchased by travelers directly from airlines, aligning with IATA industry standards. It also allows ticket information to be shared with partners, ground handlers and Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) while tracking transactions and generating valuable reports.

Product features

Automated end-to-end workflow

Address business needs with end-to-end booking, distribution and fulfillment.

Pricing integrity

Centralize pricing, fares, fare rules and tax data to validate accuracy.

Streamlined fulfillment process

Drive efficiency and time savings within the reservation process by delivering ticketing and Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMDs) electronically.

Transform your travel operations with Sabre Reservations. Elevate booking efficiency, optimize distribution, and ensure seamless fulfillment.