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Card Services

Take Charge of Credit Card Payments

Credit cards are an integral part of the day-to-day business of travel. However, agencies have not typically had much control over the service fees from transactions.

To take care of customers, it’s vital to have a secure, compliant payment-acceptance and settlement platform.

Become Merchant of Record for Transaction Service Fees

Card Services lets agencies control what prints on the credit card holder’s statements while offering a low blended rate for transaction processing on all major credit cards, including UATP Air Travel Cards. In essence, it’s an exclusive credit card fulfillment and settlement solution facilitated by Merchant e-Solutions in partnership with Sabre.

With full integration capabilities accessible from the desktop, Card Services provides subscribers with improved cash flow and access to the service fee revenues charged to travelers. Along the way, it delivers robust, detailed bank reporting via the internet, and offers auto reconciliation of transactions with back-office accounting programs like TRAMS™, Sabre® CentralCommand™ and others.

Product features

Traceable, paperless transactions

Creates and stores unique transaction ID for every transaction. Appears on the Merchant Transaction Report in Sabre.

Data availability

Offers detailed reports available via Sabre and MeS Card Services website.

Same-day void

Enables transactions to be voided at no charge until 10 pm Central time, the same day of the transaction.

Faster access to revenue

Delivers quicker access to revenue from traveler charges. Deposits the full amount of every transaction daily, eight business days from the date of transaction. Debits the settlement charges with last deposit each month.

If you have additional questions about Card Services or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.