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Codeshare Manager

Expand Networks with Partner Airlines

Many airlines use partnerships with other airlines to broaden their network and reach new markets. These codeshare agreements are growing in size and becoming increasingly more complex to manage.

With constant schedule changes at all airlines, it can be difficult to stay on top of all the connections and keep everything in sync. At the same time, there’s a growing demand for tighter connections between flights to increase revenue opportunities and improve the overall passenger experience. This can make a challenging situation even more problematic with shifting departure and arrival times.

Extend Reach and Revenue to New Horizons

Codeshare Manager is a powerful solution that enables airlines to manage codeshare agreements with partner airlines and evaluate potential connections to maximize revenue.

By accurately synchronizing, publishing and marketing flight changes in a timely manner, airlines can avoid the expense of re-accommodating passengers while minimizing schedule disruptions.

Product features

Schedule exchange

Improve integration across your airline with rules-based schedule change communications. Simplify workflows and increase productivity with intuitive user interfaces and intelligent automation.

Flexible partnership management

Manage multiple types of bilateral codeshare agreements with the flexibility to handle each partner differently.

Automated schedule synchronization

Synchronize large volumes of codeshare data from multiple partners and generate marketing flight numbers automatically.

Identification and resolution of passenger misconnections

Detect invalid codeshare passenger connections and automatically find the best alternate connecting flights.

Evaluation of new connection opportunities

Evaluate codeshare flight connection opportunities proactively to enable early publication of marketing flights.

Comprehensive reporting

Visualize changes across multiple partnerships, highlight differences in schedule synchronization, analyze violations and track flight number usage.

The Only Solution to Allow Private What-If Analysis

Not only is Codeshare Manager unique within the industry, but it allows private what-if analysis to maximize the value of agreements – independent of partner airlines. Carriers can forecast scenarios based on existing or potential partners and new markets to proactively analyze opportunities.

All in all, Codeshare Manager gives airlines the right tools to get to market faster so they can enlarge their revenue footprint sooner.

If you have additional questions about Codeshare Manager or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.