Slot Manager

Slot Your Airline for Success

With increasing airport congestion and evolving industry regulations, airlines must manage their slots both confidently and proactively. As critical strategic assets, they’re often extremely expensive and hard to secure, so it’s crucial not to put them at risk.

Airlines who are slow to react can potentially stand to lose slot opportunities to competitors and new entrants.

Manage Your Slots as Strategic Assets

Slot Manager provides powerful tools to manage, monitor and expand your slot portfolio. By automating any required changes, airlines can manage their slot portfolio efficiently with improved asset utilization.

In comparing historical slots with schedule requirements, Slot Manager allows airlines to identify slots required for future schedules and minimize the chances of losing valuable historic slots. Also, by significantly reducing the time required to generate and send slot requests, airlines can expedite approvals and avoid both fines and penalties.

Product features

Full support for IATA standards and processes

Ensure slot submissions, returns and day-to-day requests are complete and accurate according to IATA standards and processes for slot management.

Automatic message processing

Automate the handling and processing of straightforward messages. Free up time to focus on more critical issues and track inbound and outbound messages.

Automated transmission from AutoSlot

Avoid penalties by ensuring appropriate slot requests are automatically transmitted when operations makes schedule changes. Eliminate the risk of sending manual messages in a busy, time-critical environment.

Full visibility with reports

Generate a wide range of reports, both manually and automatically, for full visibility of your slot portfolio, including slot usage, discrepancies, comparisons and portfolio analysis.

Employ the Most Widely Used System for Managing Slots

Slot Manager is the airline industry’s most widely used system for managing slots at IATA Level 3 and Level 2 airports worldwide. In fact, millions of slots are managed using Slot Manager every season by our large community of airlines with slot portfolios at the world’s busiest airports.

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