Fleet Manager

Optimize Fleet Assignment Decisions

In an environment where profits can be determined by just a handful of passengers on each flight, airlines can’t afford to leave anyone behind. It’s vital to accommodate demand at all times. On the other hand, carriers don’t want to burn money by flying empty planes.

Airlines need to make intelligent decisions about fleet type, so they always have the right capacity at the right time, in the right place. When reacting to uncontrollable market dynamics, accurate forecasting is very often the difference between success and failure.

Match Capacity with Demand for Greater Profits

Fleet Manager helps airlines maximize the profitability of their network by optimizing fleet assignment decisions to capture growth using both long-term strategies and short-term tactics. By taking advantage of more accurate booking forecasts and new trends in revenue management data, carriers can make smarter aircraft swap decisions and reduce costs in the immediate future.

Over time, Fleet Manager also allows airlines to enhance strategic planning with better insights into the profitability of new markets as well as aircraft purchase decisions and multi-year budget evaluations.

Product features

Economic data generation

Create economic data that drives fleet assignment analysis. Model data based on revenue, multiple fleet types, cabin or fare-level demand and cargo or codeshare demand.

Comprehensive constraint modeling

Generate comprehensive, flexible and accurate modeling based on constraints spanning a wide range of industry use cases, including operational, ground time, maintenance and tactical issues.

Optimized maintenance assignments

Optimize aircraft routing and maintenance assignments to improve utilization and reduce expenses such as aircraft towing costs.

Flexible, customizable reports

Leverage a flexible report generator for customizable output across an array of types and formats.

The World’s Only Solution for Global Optimization

Fleet Manager is the only industry solution proven to deliver full global optimization. Backed by over 30 years of network planning and scheduling experience, it’s the most comprehensive option available, offering both fully dated and weekly modes.

Fleet Manager employs the latest trends in revenue management to connect economic analysis with business objectives. In addition, users have access to best practices from the largest global planning and scheduling community in the industry as well as Sabre experts around the world.

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