Profit Manager

Accurately Forecast and Maximize Network Profitability

With so many changing conditions, the challenge of accurately forecasting the market landscape has become a complex science for airlines. But very often, the difference between a profitable and an unprofitable flight can be just a handful of passengers.

It’s essential to understand market dynamics and evaluate the right data to avoid planning weak schedules with poor connectivity. Without the right capacity, at the right time, in the right place, airlines will struggle to increase market share and fall behind their competition.

Forecast Demand and Increase Market Share

Profit Manager is the ultimate tool for accurately forecasting passenger demand and identifying the strengths or weaknesses within proposed schedules. By empowering analysts to make informed strategic and tactical decisions, airlines can improve network connectivity and increase loads in the face of fluctuating market conditions and competitive changes.

It’s a proactive solution designed to capture greater market share and maximize overall profitability.

Product features

Interactive scenario analysis

Create and compare schedule scenarios at a network, flight or cabin level to optimize demand, traffic and revenue.

Optimized flight connections

Improve operational and codeshare connections to build a stronger, revenue-driven network.

Cabin-level forecasting

Improve strategic decision-making by generating forecasts by aircraft cabin.

Automatic route proposals

Automatically identify new routes and itineraries in both served and unserved markets to maximize revenue opportunities.

Market share analysis

View market share by itinerary, service type, airline or alliance partner to identify factors driving demand and revenue.

The Industry’s Most Robust Partnership Modeling

Profit Manager incorporates the industry’s most robust partnership and alliance modeling to identify new revenue opportunities. With the ability to evaluate the network impact of codeshares independently from carrier partners, airlines can ensure they are maximizing their profitability while identifying new partnership opportunities.

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