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Schedule Manager – Airline scheduling software

Deliver the most profitable schedules

Planning and managing schedules is a complex activity that has a direct bearing on an airline’s operations and commercial results. On top of that, data siloes and linear business processes often create challenges in expanding strategy beyond commercial considerations.

Without the right capacity at the right time and place, airlines have limited opportunity to generate incremental revenue. That’s why optimal scheduling is key to profitability.

Perfect Airline Schedule Planning Delivered

Schedule Manager enables airlines to create and execute robust, accurate and feasible operating schedules across their networks, regardless of fleet size, region or business model. Users can easily navigate and customize this unique product to collaborate and make more intelligent decisions while adapting to market conditions.

By optimizing schedules, airlines have an extremely powerful way to boost revenue and gain a strong competitive advantage.

Product features

Advanced schedule visualization

Switch easily between flight display, aircraft flow and station activity with synchronized navigation to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Comprehensive scenario management

Choose between what-if, experimental and two-layer schedules for comprehensive scenario management.

Optimized flight connections

Take advantage of advanced minimum connect time monitoring to graphically evaluate flight connectivity.

Web-based insights and flexible reporting

Gain insights through an interactive model that accesses flexible reporting as well as dynamic visualizations for managing feasibility violations.

Schedule Manager Powers Over 60% of the World’s Top Airlines

Out of the top 100 airlines ranked globally for total available seat kilometers, more than 60% are managed using Schedule Manager. As a fully cloud-enabled product, it is the only scheduling software proven to scale among the largest airlines in the world.

Discover the power of Sabre Schedule Manager: boost profitability and unlock incremental revenue opportunities with robust, accurate and feasible operating schedules.

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