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Gain Actionable Insights for Managing Airline Corporate Client Revenue

Business travel is a key high-margin component of the global airline industry. To assess the performance of corporate discount agreements and measure their impact, it’s crucial to gather information about customers. This means that airline corporate sales teams must have good, reliable contract data with accurate sales insights – all delivered in a comprehensive format.

Without the ability to identify, understand and pursue their most valuable customers, airlines face the very real prospect of decreased revenues.

Powerful Data on High-Yield Business Customers

PRISM is a powerful solution like no other that automates, aggregates and analyzes corporate sales information globally. In essence, it enables airlines to compute contracted discounts, market share, percentage of contract requirements achieved and profit derived from contracted customers.

The forecasting function also allows each airline’s sales organization to model changes to contracts and optimize the right measures to drive optimal business revenue.

Product features

On-demand sales reporting

Apply on-demand sales reporting, contract performance, forecasting and deal management tools.

Consolidated corporate sales data

Mitigate risk using corporate sales data consolidated from multiple sources to reliably calculate fair market share.

Data modeling

Harness, forecast and optimize sales data to deliver increased airline ROI relative to contract discounts.

Informed decision-making

Profit from improved data, increased insights and streamlined sales processes.

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