Agency Data & Analytics

Gain an Edge on Agency Data and Reporting Modules

It can be difficult to make timely business decisions with limited access to air, hotel and rental car booking data and analytics. Travel agencies often have to rely on manual or partially automated tracking of electronic tickets, including coupon status updates and refunds, exchanges and unused tickets. This is a time-consuming process that’s prone to human error, resulting in missed profit opportunities.

To power their business intelligence and be more successful, agencies need an automated solution for gathering raw PNR and ticketing data elements.

Leverage the Value of Information Automatically

Agency Data & Analytics mines business intelligence to drive incremental revenue. By tapping into booking data and analytics, it can automatically track electronic tickets and access raw data elements, including pre-trip reservation and ticketing information.

Travel agencies can choose from three levels of capabilities based on their particular data requirements: Data Suite, E-ticket Reports and Agency Data Delivery.

Product features

Business intelligence reports delivery

Access Data Suite to establish booking trends from data-rich PNR and ticketing reports, produce optimistic forecasts and identify realistic sales opportunities to boost your agency profitability.

Automatic tracking of electronic ticketing activities

Capitalize on E-ticket Reports using a web-based application that monitors and reviews all agency electronic ticketing activities at the ticket, coupon and status code levels. Improve ticket information accuracy and accessibility.

Access to raw data elements

Employ Agency Data Delivery to power internal business intelligence and analytical consumption, using pre-trip reservation and Sabre ticketing data in pipe-delimited or XML format.

Save Time and Effort with Prompt Reporting

On average, Data Suite saves 30 minutes per agent daily by automatically scheduling and generating operational reports instead of manually checking individual PNRs from queues.
Agencies can also monitor all electronic tickets they issue and easily manage passengers’ unused vouchers for future travel using E-Ticket Reports.

Data Suite creates over 20 reports to detail air, hotel, car, rail and sea bookings, view top market city-pairs and much more.

E-Ticket Reports utilizes a web-based application to monitor and review all electronic ticketing activities performed by the agency.

If you have additional questions about Agency Data & Analytics or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.