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Gain the Upper Hand with Touchless Ticketing

It can be time consuming and expensive for travel agents to fulfill ticketing manually. To ensure accuracy, they must be continually trained and retrained. Agents can also commit errors by not implementing critical pricing qualifiers, resulting in uncompetitive fare quotations and lost sales opportunities.

On top of that, Agency Debit Memos (ADM) are often incurred whenever missing Tour Codes/Value Codes or incorrect commissions are applied. These required airline fees add up to unexpected expenses.

Save Time, Cut Costs and Improve Service

TicketExpress lets travel agencies access pricing, ticketing, ticket reissues and void modules along with a range of settings – all of which can be updated in seconds. Agents can also manage commissions, corporate pricing, ticket stock, credit controls, preferred forms of payment, pricing restrictions and much more.

This innovative solution saves up to five minutes per transaction using touchless pricing and ticketing. Just as important, TicketExpress can reduce fulfilment operational costs by up to 70% while boosting revenues and optimizing customer service excellence.

Product features

Pre-defined pricing

Determine critical pricing parameters in advance to ensure that only targeted fares are returned and applied.

EMD issuance support

Issue EMD-A and EMD-S support for end-to-end workflow beyond ticketing only.

RedApp credit management by Credit Control

Helps manage Consolidator-Subagent relationships in credit control management.

Accurate ticketing conditions

Supply and validate ticketing conditions, including data for efficient credit management.

Fulfill ticket reissuance

Provide support for exchanging and reissuing tickets.

Partner Perspective: TicketExpress Yields Impressive, Unassisted End-To-End Bookings

TicketExpress helped CWT successfully deliver an unassisted end-to-end booking solution through our partner locations to one of our largest corporate customers in late 2015. In one location, we have been able to achieve processing on 80% of the total domestic OBT bookings that year.

Adi Serihalim, Global Technology and Innovation Manager, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Reduce Fulfillment Operations costs by up to 70%

Agencies can amass extensive airline ADM fees anytime their staff commits manual pricing and ticketing errors. Not only is this very costly, but it can affect profitability as well.

TicketExpress automates the entire pricing and ticketing process, reducing fulfilment operational costs by up to 70%. At the same time, it can eliminate up to 8 hours of employee training and save up to 5 minutes on every ticket transaction.

TicketExpress provides a number of value-added functions ranging from ticketing, pricing, EMD, and reissuance – all in a combined ticketing management platform for one price. It is also interfaces with the Subagent Red App.

If you have additional questions about TicketExpress or would like to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.