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IX Apps

Create custom, business-specific applications that are quick to deploy and utilize disparate data across airline systems. 

Airlines often need software solutions that solve business-specific needs and problems. Too often, developing those solutions comes at the expense of increasing IT costs and overhead. With IX Apps, airlines can create and deploy business-specific, automated processes within days and weeks, rather than months or years. 

Increase revenue. Improve agility towards market changes. Reduce operational costs.

IX apps are rapidly deployed and easily configurable. They also utilize Sabre Intelligence Exchange®, a market-leading, host-agnostic platform. This allows all IX Apps to integrate with and enrich data from multiple airline systems in real time.

Full Service, Low Cost and Hybrid carriers currently use Sabre IX Apps across pricing and revenue management, operations and passenger experience, as well as mid-and back-office productivity.

Capabilities and Benefits


Rapidly deployable.

Real-time data integration and data analysis.

Highly configurable and specific to your business needs.

Open ecosystem that is airline-host agnostic.

Ability to utilize the Sabre Intelligence Exchange® platform.


Decrease time to market.

Improve response time to operational challenges. 

Create highly personalized travel experiences.

Reduce IT dependencies and operational overhead.

Quickly launch new and innovative solutions.

Partner Perspective and Use Cases

How Sabre IX Apps are designed and supported


Customer manages


Custom design supported
by Sabre


Support and feature roadmaps provided by Sabre

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