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Airline analytics in near real-time with Sabre Intelligence Exchange®

Enhance your business applications and create value by connecting to an expanding platform and ODS that consolidates data from various sources in real-time and is powered by an intuitive rule engine.

Data is a powerful resource that can help airlines respond quickly to competitors as well as changing market conditions. Unfortunately, they often struggle to organize and analyze their massive data sets.

To prosper, airlines need best-in-class tools to refine data and unlock insights that can build business and create value.

Supporting the industry evolution to Offers and Orders

Sabre Intelligence Exchange bridges the legacy domains to the new domains during the transition period to Orders.

 Thanks to a new data domain that links the new IATA standard orders insourced from new Order Management Systems with old world PNRs/Tickets and other downstream data sources from Passenger Sales and Services systems (PSS), it allows airlines to seamlessly create use cases that support a progressive transition to Orders.

Increasing relevant data-driven insights

The Sabre Intelligence Exchange platform flexibly connects and enriches distinct data sets from various airline and outside data sources in real time to power business applications.

It includes an intuitive rule engine that enables situational awareness. It automatically detects triggers, understands context and takes relevant actions tailored to individual customer needs.

How it works

The Sabre IX® platform takes in information from across the airline enterprise by enriching data from multiple domains: baggage, booking and ticketing, crew, customer, departure control, inventory, operations and seats. It then brings this data together in a single location for the airline can take action to improve revenue, personalize the customer experience and ensure a seamless day of travel experience.

Product features

Airline-specific expanding meta model

Manage robust and extensible data domains using a common meta model that makes the platform data-source agnostic.

Intuitive rules engine

Build, maintain and execute business rules easily using a graphical user interface.

Integrated event publishing

Execute events automatically or via manual intervention to a variety of Sabre and third-party applications.

Community-funded model

Drive roadmap priorities and leverage a pool of community-funded investment.

Production-proven solution

Deploy the system used by more than 40 airlines, serving more than a quarter of the world’s combined passenger volumes.

Professional services

Redirect human capital and deploy solutions faster than competitors with a custom partnership to optimize IT.

Customer success stories

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