Sabre Intelligence Exchange (IX) is a flexible, scalable IT platform designed to give you a real-time, comprehensive view of siloed data that spans across your entire airline systems.

IX gathers, analyzes and acts on disparate data that traverse your PSS as well as core and non-core IT systems. By bringing all this data together in a single location, your airline is uniquely empowered with tools to analyze, derive insights and take timely, intelligent actions – even back into the PSS itself, The result: unbridled business agility that places you ahead of the competition.

IX provides powerful, real-time streaming data analytics that serves your airline with insights to help you execute effective decision-making and streamlined, efficient business processes that drive revenue and decrease cost.

Complementary products

The power of IX is magnified by numerous internal and external data sources and platforms that your airline depends on to conduct day-to-day business. Primary systems include passenger service, ticketing, loyalty, customer-relationship management, operations and revenue management. What’s more, IX sits at the core of nearly all Sabre data and analytics products. This includes industry-first, fast-deployed IX Micro-Apps, the industry’s first airline-only business intelligence solution, Commercial Analytics, and all-new Proration Engine for key partner-derived-revenue insights.

Life of the flight

IX is a true game-changer in the areas of network development, product and pricing, distribution and channel optimization, capacity allocation, schedule optimization, day of operations, recovery, traveler experience and performance analysis.


IX helps your airline ingest and then enrich IT systems with data from a plethora of domains

Baggage Domain

Baggage Domain tracks baggage along the entire customer journey. It helps you ensure your airline complies with industry mandates by effectively managing and tracking customer baggage.

Booking & Ticketing Domain

Booking & Ticketing Domain serves you with valuable insights gleaned from reservations, booking and ticketing data. This means you get greater visibility into reservations, booking and ticketing, so you can provide better offers, increase your customers’ satisfaction and leverage cross and upsell opportunities to boost value.

Crew Domain

Crew Domain provides vital data connected to the availability and management of your flight crews. It supports you with optimal resource scheduling and cost management.

Customer Domain

Customer Domain offers detailed information that empowers your airline to understand the profile, attributes and events of individual customers as they interact with your airline. It grants your airline the tools to more effectively provide customized, real-time offers and instant upgrades for your customers.

Departure Control System (DCS) Domain

Departure Control System (DCS) Domain serves you with customer check-in and check-out data, as well as departure-related details of travelers. It enables your airline to optimize scheduling, day of operations and management of resources based on traffic volumes.

Inventory Domain

Inventory Domain provides real-time data about seat inventory and availability. It enables you to make real-time modifications in pricing, as well as detect and reduce fraud and manipulations by external agencies.

Operations Domain

Operations Domain provides data that impacts your day-to-day airline operations. It is vital to schedules, day of operations and recovery optimization. Additionally, it streamlines your operations with advanced planning and routing as needed.

Seat Domain

Seat Domain provides your airline with the necessary data view and ability to manage seats based on your bespoke business needs. This means your airline gets better insights into seat availability, enabling you to increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

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