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Custom Messaging

Make Sure Travelers Get the Right Message

Life moves extremely fast. Today’s travelers demand access to up-to-date trip information accessible across different channels. They want to be notified about changes in every phase of their trip.

To meet these expectations, airlines must be able to deliver custom messages that are personally tailored to each journey so travelers are always in the know.

Keep Your Customers Up to Speed On the Go

Custom Messaging enhances the flight experience by advising travelers of schedule changes that occur in advance of departure. This innovative tool also notifies customers about web check-in eligibility as well as gate changes, delays and cancellations beginning 24 hours prior to departure.

Once their trip has ended, Custom Messaging also prompts travelers to contact the airline and offer feedback about their experience. This can help airlines identify areas for improvement to ensure that they are always providing exceptional service.

Product features

Targeted communication

Keep travelers informed with relevant, customized notifications.

Customer loyalty

Drive customer loyalty with continuous service throughout the trip.

Increased efficiency

Eliminate manual processing and non-automated communication methods.

Omni-channel experience

Deliver messaging via multiple interfaces using email and SMS.

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